You're Going to Love Montenegro

Montenegro will delight you with its diversity, the result of its geographical position and climate. It's easily accessible, it borders Serbia to the north, Kosovo and Albania to the southeast, the Adriatic Sea to the south with Italy on the other side, and Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west. HERE you will find a full guide.

Montenegro is a fantastic natural playground, with both coast and mountains to be explored. Take a look at all the ways you can enjoy Montenegrin nature here

Allow yourself to be drawn in by the richness of places, as well as prestigious world-class museums, galleries, and masterful works of art with fascinating legends, and much more. In a latest blog post, you will find the top 21 things to do in Montenegro.

If you choose to journey down the food and wine roads, prepare to be enchanted by the flavors of local specialties and ambience of local wineries, as you head down routes that lead you to many households serving their traditional foods with pride. 

How to get there


The majority of our wedding celebrations will be hosted at DUKLEY HOTEL & RESORT which is located in BUDVA. 

The nearest airport to Budva is Tivat (TIV) Airport which is 17.2 km away and the other nearby airport is Podgorica (TGD) which is 34.6 km away from Budva. 

From most European capitals, the flight to Montenegro takes about two hours. You will land at one of two modern, international airports: either in Podgorica (12 km from the capital city) or Tivat (4 km from the Tivat city center). There are flights directly from Chicago to Montenegro. 

You can find all information about Montenegrin airports and flights HERE.

From Croatia to Montenegro

The town of Kotor is located around 90 kilometres away from the Croatian city of Dubrovnik (DBV) (56.3 km). The cheapest way to get from Dubrovnik to Kotor is by bus. Although the journey itself only takes around 2 hours, this doesn’t include time spent crossing the border between Croatia and Montenegro.


Montenegro doesn't have Uber, Lyft or any other ride-sharing services. So without a rental car, your options for getting around are public buses, transfers and taxis.

For tips on getting around check here

Check with hotel for airport transportation


Check the exchange rate HERE

Euro to USD exchange rate as of 01/12/23 - 100.00 USD = 0.91970794 EUR


Before you come, find out about the conditions for entering Montenegro, and other useful travel suggestions here.

See basic information on visa requirements by country here.

Event Planner Contact Information

Should you have any questions during your journey or during our wedding, please feel free to contact our wedding planner Nadia Duran at any time. 

Email - info@nadiaduran.com
Phone - (+61) 413 076 323
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